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We answer this question with a few questions...





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What pool is best for my needs?




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Will you be in your present home for more than 5 years?

If you are not planning on being in your present home for more that 5 years, the additional investment in a Fiberglass Pool might not justify itself. However, If your home is long term the additional investment of a fiberglass pool will return itself.

Check out our Custom Liner Pools as a alternative pool build.


Are you looking for benches in your pool?

If you are looking for a comfortable place to sit in your pool than a Fiberglass Pool is your choice. Fiberglass seats and benches are by far the most confortable of any pool type. Benches and Sun Ledges can be installed in our Custom Liner Pools.


What is your vision for the pool project?

If you like the look of real Water Line Tile, or a Tile Mosaic on the pool floor, seats or benches, than a Fiberglass Pool is for you. We can install any Water Line Tile or Tile Mosaic on a Fiberglass Pool that we can on a Concrete Pool.

Once you have decided that a FIberglass Pool is for you than the next two questions become a little more challenging.



We thank you for taking a look at our website and considering Prestigious Pools as your Pool Builder. We have put our site together to be as informative as one can make it. We hope that after reviewing our site you will see Prestigious Pools is well versed in the construction of pools. We use the latest construction procedures and most efficient equipment to complete your Pool Project. Click on or go to Features/Equipment to see all the lastest items that can be used to complete your Pool Project. For indepth information on our construction procedures and the equipment we use and recommend click on Construction Procedures/Equipment.


For a quick view of Pool Models and Pool Picture click on these links...


When it comes to Pool Designs and Backyard Escapes we have a wealth of knowledge to offer. In fact, we like to look at the entire backyard and think what is the best way to change it into a BACKYARD ESCAPE!

Take a look at these pages for ideas...

SanJuanLOGO-Button Hardscaping Residential pool Pool design

If you do not have a lot of time now may we suggest to take a look at these pages to get a better understanding what Prestigious Pools has to offer. However, when you have the extra time we ask you to re-visit our site for some in-depth pool knowledge.

Pages for quick review and return visit...

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We feel very fortunate to be the Local Dealer of the Oldest Fiberglass Pool Manufacturer, San Juan Pools. San Juan Pools manufactured the first Fiberglass Pool in 1958. San Juan Pools delivers pools across the USA as well as abroad. For the past 58 years, San Juan Pools has earned and attained a position of prominence in the swimming pool industry.


We say earned because in the first fifty plus years San Juan Pools was looked at by the Concrete and Liner Pool Industry as a non-viable pool manufacturer. In fact, in this time frame the so called traditional pool companies were telling potential pool customers "you don't want a Fiberglass Pool, they crack, they pop out of the ground and they look fake". San Juan however kept focused and kept developing the components of making a world class Fiberglass Pool.


Both San Juan Pools and Ourselves feel how ironic it is that today every one of our strongest critics are now either trying to manufacture and or build fiberglass pools. Some have basically joined the band wagon on the principal if you can't beat them join them. They will always first talk about the pool they have built for years Concrete or Liner. But when you ask about Fiberglass Pools they will quickly say we have Fiberglass. Both San Juan Pools for 58 years and Ourselves for 19 years have lived and breathed Fiberglass Pools.

For an in-depth looked into San Juan Fiberglass Pools Background Please Click on this link.


On this Link you will find our Fiberglass Pool and Spa Models, San Juan Pools Full Story, Videos, Pool Pictures along with Details on San Juan's Manufacturing Procedures and so much more.

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Construction Procedures/Equipment


Aren’t All Pools Created Equally?


All Pools are not created equally.  We at Prestigious Pools know when looking at pool pictures they all have Pretty Blue Water.  Some pools also have elaborate Landscaping and Hardscaping themes. Unfortunately, what keeps the Blue Water Blue for the most part cannot be seen because it's underground. However, the items you do see above ground, Filters, Pumps, Pool Water Care Systems and etc. can be as different as Day and Night.


Please click on attachment for an in-depth breakdown of our Construction Procedures and Equipment used to keep your pool water Pretty Blue with Less Effort and Less Expense

Construction Equipment

Construction Procedures / Equipment


We are confident that after spending some time reviewing San Juan Pools link, along with our Construction Procedures/Equipment link and Prestigious Pools of Central PA website the answer to these three questions; Who Should Build my Pool? What Fiberglass Pool Manufacture Should I Choose? and Aren’t All Pools Created Equally? will become Crystal Clear!


Together we will create YOUR BACKYARD ESCAPE!